OMInstagram v1.25 Basd On v22. Latest Version Download Now

What features OMInsta?

* Ability to upload pictures and videos
* You can download pictures and videos from the Storey
* Ability to preview images and play videos on the player 
Without saving it to your device
* Ability to share / copy image and video links
* Add many options to change themes (colors) 
The Conversations and Conversations screen
* You can copy comments
* You can translate comments into your own language
* You can zoom in for personal photos 
Publications are published through prolonged pressure
* Fully support the compression of links in the program (publications - comments - inside the conversation)
* Add option to play audio with video automatically
* You can copy Bayo (description)
* You can see who is following you (enter the person file 
(You will find the word if you follow the link)

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@ Extras_atnfs huak @
@ what's new @

* Updated to the client version
* Add new options to modify the theme (colors) of the main interface
* Add voting capability
* You can now save / apply / delete / share your theme
* Add option number 1.2.17 to change the color of the message (heart) in the conversation
* Add option number 2.2.11 to change the color of the message (heart) in the conversations
* Fixed transparency options
* Fixed changing the color bubbles of messages in the conversation
* Other improvements and fixes

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* Special thanks to the developer breathe your hobby
* Special thanks to Osama Gharib

Version v22.

Edit: Omar Al Shammari

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