Instagram Pro Latest Version Apk Download v3.0

Hey Everyone! Instagram Pro APK is  the best Insta Mod  for Android devices. and this devlope by SamMods. By the way, No more worries at all.We have all new Instagram Pro to replace the Other Insta Mod in the aspects of features and performance. Recently developer has released the latest version based on the Play Store Base. 
  • >Ability to disable downloads notifications
  • >Ability to disable the cropping of stories
  • >Ability to remove black borders(top and bottom) in stories
  • >Option of max quality of photos is now optional. Disabled by default. You can disable it if you have lags or something, maybe it'll be helpful
  • >Option to increase quality of uploading stories(experimental, may not work)
  • >Ability to watch stories in fullscreen(may not work)
  • >Black theme is now with white icons + some fixes
  • >Clone fixes
  •  App Lock
  •  Download Profile Images
  •  New ~ Added Camera Icon Feature : You can prevent or activate Instagram videos from starting automatically when you hold down the camera icon on the top left. Is enabled by default.
  •  Added Fast-Forward and Rewind Videos
  •  Added Hide "typing..."
  •  Added Open Links from within the InstAero.
  •  Translate Comments.
  •  Changeable translation engines (Google and Yandex).
  •  You can disable liking with double-tap.
  •  Added Double Tap to Download 
  •  Ability  You can disable the option to look closely at photos.
  •  You can disable Navigation Gestures. Click me for more information.
  •  Added Two-line message box in DM.
  •  Notification bugs fixed.
  •  An attempt was made to resolve crash errors.
  •  All design errors identified were attempted to be fixed.
  •  Privacy Hide View Status (Don't tell anyone that you have viewed their Stories)
  •  Preview For Videos/Images
  •  Download more than 1 image at once from a single post
  •  Zoom Profile Pics
  •  Download Videos/Images
  •  Share/Copy URL
  •  Download Stories
  •  Copy Comment
  •  Translate Comments
  •  Option to Start Videos Directly with Sound.
  •  Know Who Follows You.

Know Who Follows You
●Added Ability to Download Video/Images
● Added Privacy - Hide View Status, Hide Read Tick (Don't Show Your Name even If you View Someone's Story)  
●Added Ability to Download Stories 
●Added Ability to Direct  Download Button 
●Added Ability to copy Bio 
● Added Instagram ProbSettings Icon on Header of profile
●Improved NOW you can Download Video/Image From Private Accounts   
●Added Option to Disable Slide Navigation  
●Support X86  
●Added Ability to Support Links in App 
●Added When some uploads More than 1 image Simultaneously, download will save all pics atOnce ●Added Option to Start Audio Directly with Video ●Fixed all bugs of v0.9.1.3 

MOD Name Insta Pro
 Version 3.0
Device ALL
Android Os 4.4.2 UP
File Type APK
Download Size 60 MB
Server Mediafire

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  2. Friend used from yesterday until today is With a bug that when we open apk instagram pro it opens other things.

  3. 🤔 how do u theme chat with this I don't see that option

  4. please add feature/view on profile follower account, "Following You"

  5. please add text [ Follow You ] in profile seperti gbinsta..

  6. Add downloading profile picture also

  7. Zoom photo on long tap and double tap zoom in crash

  8. please clone apk my apk instagram original no delete in my phone :(

  9. please beigb amoled mod in this version

  10. How to enable "Option to Start Videos Directly with Sound."?

  11. Update link versión 2.0 in time 3.0. Tranks.

  12. I can't view or download profile picture